Swarming Honey Bees are magical, Local Beekeeper awaiting to hear from you, give us a call for any bee concerns in and around Mansfield, Nottingham & Chesterfield.

Now the weather has started to warm and the spring flowers begin to grow, so will the bee colonies. Here at Mansfield Bees, we aim to re home all the swarms collected to give them emergency food until established where they can be kept and cared for with our other bee colonies and hives, placed locally around Mansfield.

Honey bees naturally swarm each year to maintain the survival of the social colony, when in swarm state the bees are generally very docile and non aggressive as they have very little to defend which makes moving or collecting swarms relatively straight forward, unless they have chosen a chimney or a wall cavity. This then becomes much more of a task, but is occasionally straight forward with the correct safety equipment. Removing swarms or colonies is something we carry out as well as other collecting bees from trees and bushes in gardens.

Give us a call for help or assistance in and around Mansfield and help save our bees.

We need them more than they need us.

Get in touch today for same day service - ring 07792126632 Martyn.

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Honey bees in a roof in Papplewick Honey bees in a bird box in Glapwell