Swarming Honey Bees are magical, Do you have a wild colony near you ? Give us a call for any bee concerns in and around Mansfield.

Honey bees naturally swarm to maintain their survival. A wild colony will soon out grow the typical space the scouts chose the previous year for a new swarm to make their new home such as a chimney void or a post box. Once this space becomes crowded and the colony cannot expand then it’s time for a new swarm, this generally happens each year. Keepers of bees soon read the signs of expansion and provide the bees with more room, managing the swarming urge.

Whilst bees are in swarming state, they are generally very manageable with nothing to defend, no honey - no brood - no kingdom, so unless provoked they are very sociable.

However they are still a stinging insect and should not be approached without the correct knowledge and skill of a beekeeper with the correct safety clothing.

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Honey bees in a roof in Papplewick Honey bees in a bird box in Glapwell